Top 10 discounts for College students to finesse


by Patsy Douglass

College students all over the world are investing and gearing up for their future occupations. However the journey to get that dream job is getting more expensive by the day. Tuition is rising and those refund checks are getting lower. So while you are in school and carrying your student ID, you have to make sure you take advantage of every little discount there is to offer. And thanks to me, I have given you the ten best student discounts that will help increase your ability to finesse while you’re still enjoying your college experience.

1.Amazon Prime: With an .edu email address, you can get Amazon Prime Student free for six months, with a $10 referral bonus for each friend you can get to sign up. After your six months are up, Amazon Prime costs only $49 per year instead of $99.

2.Victoria Secret: Enjoy a 15% Student Discount when you shop with PINK online or in store.

3.Spotify: offers a student discount of $4.99/m for a premium subscription compared to the regular price of $9.99/m

4.Apple Music: Apple offers education pricing for students, with up to $200 off a new Mac. Even students who have been accepted to college are eligible. Apple Music is also available for a discounted rate of $4.99 per month, and the Apple Store for Education offers deals on new Macs and iPads.

5.Chick-fil-la: At many Chick-fil-A locations, you can get a free drink with your valid student ID.


6.Buffalo Wild Wings: 10% off your total Buffalo Wild Wings purchase with a valid student ID.

7.AMC Theaters: Make Thursday your movie night at an AMC Theatres location. It’s the only day you can get discounted tickets with a student ID.

8.Adobe: If you’re pursuing a career in graphic design or just want to know your way around Photoshop, Adobe is making it easier to get your hands on their Creative Cloud. Students and teachers can get 60% creative cloud.

9.Cinemark: If you show your student ID at the box office you can get a special student discount at cinemark theaters.

10. Uber: Students can save 50% on rides to or from their campus. Promotion is available on select universities and depends on the time of the day.

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