Howard Embezzlement Scandal has caused tensions between students and administration.


by Donovan Dooley

Twitter went into a frenzy after records that alleged Howard University financial aid employees embezzled $1 Million Dollars in financial funding were posted by an anonymous author in The Medium yesterday. Howard University’s student newspaper, The Hilltop, details that the story received mass attention following a social media post from the student activist group, HU resist.

Many Howard Students were already skeptical of the administration on campus and this latest news of financial wrongdoing has only increased tensions on campus between administrators and students.

“I had heard people before saying that money was being embezzled so this wasn’t the first I had heard of something along these lines,” said Lawrence Dow, a senior sports management student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “It made me think they figured out something was wrong but wanted to avoid public embarrassment. So, they instead tried to keep it as quiet as they could. It made them seem untrustworthy to me. “

Dow is not alone, as the news broke on twitter HU Resist started the #StudentPowerHU movement on twitter. Many students using the hashtag voiced their displeasure with the university and some even called for the resignation of Howard University President, Wayne Frederick.

Frederick did release a statement in response to the report that included the dismissal of six employees for “gross misconduct and neglect of duties”. However, even with the president’s statement students are still unhappy and looking for more transparency between the students and administration.

“I think the strife between students and administrators already existed,” said Dow. “This will probably further exacerbate it and I would be beyond shocked if there wasn’t protests.”

HU resist has already published a list of demands that they wish to be rectified by the administration. But there has been no word on if a formal protest has been planned to challenge Frederick’s leadership.

The name of a former student-employee have surfaced on Twitter as having taken money from the Howard financial aid office. But he has denied any connection to the missing funds.

This is a story that we will continue to follow as more development arise.

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