University of Maryland Students are calling for Gun Reform.


By: Dominique Croons

“How long will it take for lawmakers to realize that the second amendment is not more important than keeping guns away from people that shouldn’t have them”

Joy Kim, a nursing major at the University of Maryland, isn’t the only person that feels this way in response to the horrific killing that recently took place in Parkland,Florida.

A day celebrating love ended in a tragedy.

On February 14, 2018 Nikolas Jacob Cruz entered Marjory Douglas High School and opened fire among students and staff.

14 students, ranging from the ages of 14-18, were killed in addition to three staff members. Cruz was then arrested a couple hours later and charged with 17 counts of premediated murder.

Just six years ago Newton, Connecticut experienced the same horrific tragedy. 20 children were shot inside of Sandy Hook Elementary School including six staff members.

Five years after the Sandy Hook incident, 58 people were shot and killed, with over 800 people injured, in Las Vegas due to the misuse of guns.


Although the massacres continue to happen, there doesn’t seem to be much happening to change these circumstances.

Alan, a junior at the university of Maryland, believes that more should be done to punish individuals that abuse their freedom of the second amendment.

“Selling jacks is a killable offense, but killing 17 people isn’t? How does that work?” Alan stated. “I think it’s just a testament to how bad our gun laws are because no other place has mass shootings as frequently as us”.

This is true. According to CNN, Americans own 48 percent of the 650 MILLION civilian-owned guns throughout the world.

CNN also stated “The US makes up less than 5% of the world’s population, but holds 31% of global mass shooters”

The Washington Post stated that “President Trump has signed a memorandum directing Attorney General Jeff Sessions to change regulations to band bump stocks”.

“These critical regulations will be finalized… very soon” says President Trump in the article.

In addition to President Trump, state lawmakers are deciding on taking measures to rise the legal age of assault rifle possession from 18 years old to 20. They are also determining whether to add three extra days to the waiting period for all rifle purchases.

Florida Governor,Rick Scott, has also announced that firearms need to be kept away from people with mental illnesses. He indicated that he will soon begin to work on increasing school safety.

“We want to give them an opportunity to be on the right side of this” Emma Gonzalez, a senior at Stoneman Douglass, stated Sunday on ABC’s “This Week”.

Maryland students grieve with the people from Florida, but some are terrified at the thought of this happening to them one day.


Dionne, a sophomore at UMD and a future educator, believes that if she was a teacher at that school she would have risked her life to save the kids.

“I know if there was a school shooting I would put myself in front of them to protect them from getting killed,” Dionne believes that teachers are the core foundation of America and it is their duty to teach and educate the people of our nation. “We literally have to give every child a decent enough education for them to be successful in America while being terrified to even come to the damn school”.

Maryland has increased their safety procedures immediately after the horrific incident. The Behavior Evaluation and Threat Assessment Team has expressed to the students the importance of reporting any strange or concerning behavior throughout the campus.

University Police Chief David Mitchell stated that the University Police are ready and equipped with the necessary gear in case of a similar incident.

“Prayers and thoughts for families in Parkland, Fl. are needed,” Maryland President Wallace Loh stated the night of the school shooting “ but [it] won’t stop the national epidemic of school shootings. But our votes might”.

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