Mishandled Sexual Assault Allegations, Uncooked Food, & Mold in dorms send Hampton students over the edge.


by True Bulll

Students at Hampton University are fed up with their administration after what they feel has been the culmination of negligent acts toward their living environment.

A Hampton student, has posted grotesque pictures of uncooked food, mold filled dorms and old buildings that have yet to be renovated on twitter with the hashtag HUTownHall.

Before the pictures were posted, Hampton University administrators and students met together for a “town hall” meeting in the student union earlier this week to discuss the discontentment between the two parties.

Students who were in the meeting say they were given the chance to voice their concerns about what was happening on campus that they felt was detrimental to them. Student sources say the meeting got off to a rocky start as students were bombarding the administration with questions.

According to multiple students, Hampton University President, William Harvey, as well as the other administrative officials who were in attendance did not answer the questions that the students proposed in a proper manner.


Students asked questions referring to allegations of mishandled sexual assault cases, mold on the cafe food and buildings, unkept buildings on campus and the whereabouts of students tuition money.

Students who were in attendance say that Harvey was dodging questions throughout the entire meeting and when he finally addressed the sexual assault allegations his response was unacceptable to the students.

A student source told TrueBulll.com that Harvey said, “As a woman you shouldn’t allow a man to hit or sexually assault you. ”

The student source went on to mention that Harvey “dismissed” a man who was shot on campus that was apparently taking a semester off from classes and spoke over a female student so she could not get her point across.

News about the Town Hall spread quickly over twitter and other students were quick to comment on the dysfunction going on at Hampton.

Hampton is one of the most recognizable HBCUs in the country, but with their students upset, they could see possible drops in their enrollment numbers moving forward.

This is a developing story and we will continue to make updates on the events happening at Hampton University.

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