Is Valentine’s Day truly A Scam?


(last names have been left out of this article for privacy purposes)

by Asten Cosby

First and foremost, Happy Valentine’s Day to all! We hope all singles, boyfriends, girlfriends, side pieces,talking buddies and friends with benefits enjoy a safe night of fun on this special occasion. However, we must ask the question what is the purpose of this holiday that we aimlessly seem to celebrate every year?

“Is Valentine’s Day a Scam?”

So, as you all know today is the day where people spend hundreds of dollars to show how much you love the special person (or people) in your life. Plus, it’s also the day where people flaunt whatever their significant others bought them on social media and brag about how great they are and how happy they are together.

Don’t lie either, I know some of you side-eye these couples because you know one or both of them is cheating, but that ain’t none of our business…


Anyway, this Valentines Day seems to be different, from what I’ve heard, many people aren’t too fond of celebrating Valentine’s Day this year and it brings about the question, “Is Valentine’s Day even worth it? Is it a scam?”

“I think it’s a scam. Why is there a day for love? If I love you, then I love you, simple as that. I don’t need a day for me to tell you that” said Anthony.

“I feel it’s a scam. Everything you do on Valentine’s Day you do any other day with your significant other. Just on Valentine’s Day you give gifts and spend money for no reason,”
replied Autumn.

Others felt differently about the Holiday.

“I don’t feel Valentine’s Day is a scam because of love,” said Austen.

Some felt that while Valentine’s Day isn’t a scam, it is overrated.

“I don’t think Valentine’s Day is a scam, but it is a bit overrated. It’s about simple acts of love you don’t have to do the utmost. This is something I’m struggling with because I’m ‘extra,’” stated Keleah

“I think Valentine’s Day is overrated because it seems like the only time people want to get their partners a gift… I feel like everyday should be Valentine’s Day. I feel like nowadays everyone wants to show off and it doesn’t have as much meaning, ” said Slim.


Personally, I feel like Valentine’s Day is a scam only because in some cases it has become too materialistic. For many it has become the only day where you show a significant amount of love to your partner, when in reality Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the day that you go above and beyond for someone you already go above and beyond for. What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon!

**Answers have been edited for clarity and length**

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