NCAT Teacher resigns after suspicious behavior from University.

#111109 NCATSU:
#111109 NCATSU:

by Cameron Dinkins

A North Carolina A&T student posted the resignation of her professor after she was emailed an emotional explanation that detailed why the professor was departing from the University.

Many other NCAT students responded to the tweet. Some posted humorous responses while others were genuinely concerned about the direction of the criminal justice and political science department at the school.

According to the email, the professor’s resignation was caused by the University’s new direction with the political science program. A couple of months ago, unbeknownst to both students and faculty,the Political Science department combined with the history department.

The school’s sudden change outraged both students and teachers because it made their futures with the University uncertain. Many demanded to have a meeting with the administration to discuss the change. According to many who attended, their meeting did not go as planned and still left many with unanswered questions.

The unresolved answers are one of professor Maurice Mangum main points of frustration with the school. In the email he uses the words “extremely miserable”, “corrupt” and “toxic” to describe the environment it has been since the change. Mangum explains the administration has made it unbearable for him to teach at the school. He even implicates that the school refuses to do what is best for its students.

Like Mangum, many students are still in shock about the events. Students believe the dismantling of their departments has to do with the University’s new goal known as “Preeminence 2020.” This vision by the school has a focus on integrating a STEM influence throughout the University. Political Science students believe the university is only doing this to debilitate the humanities within the school to get to achieve the goals set in “Preeminence 2020.”

In response to the email posted on twitter, an anonymous political science student stated, “ I believe everything Professor Mangum stated in the email is true. The University has been very sneaky in this whole realignment ordeal. As students, we should know everything because this is our education and our money that the University is messing up. I came to A&T because of its rich history of political and engagement. I do not want to leave because the I love this school.”

The University has yet to comment on professor Mangum emails and whether his accusations are true.

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