NCCU students speculate the University covered up a fellow classmates death


by Elaijah Gibbs Jones

DURHAM, NC–A North Carolina Central University student’s death resurfaced among the student body after an instagram post suggested foul-play instead of suicide was the cause of death. The post also stated that the key-witness and close friend of the victim received threats from the university, which included denying him graduation privileges.

Hesakahi McCoy, a criminal justice student from Columbia, S.C., was found hanging in his dormitory on Sept. 10, 2015. After a four day investigation led by the Durham Police Department and NCCU campus police, the student’s death was ruled as a suicide. However, McCoy’s peers, family members, and close friends continue to fight for further investigation and suggest foul-play.

Recently, one student tweeted the instagram post along with the caption, “It’s resurfacing. #NCCU” Shortly following this post, social media feeds displayed outrage that the death of the student has continuously been overlooked. Students who were enrolled at NCCU at the time of the incident attested to the university’s constant need to uphold its image of a safe campus to ensure future student enrollment.

The student who has received backlash from the university is unsure of how the information reached the public’s knowledge, but he is glad it did. Jackson Vines, now a senior media broadcast student, replied to a Facebook status that displayed the Instagram and Twitter posts containing information of suggested homicide and how Vines was allegedly threatened. “I appreciate everybody [that is] concerned about me walking. I honestly have no idea where this all came from. I just want people to make sure everything is accurate that they’re stating now that this is in the light,” Vines said.

Suicide was the furthest conclusion from the minds of McCoy’s classmates. The student’s closest friends and NCCU staff members explained to media outlets such as WNCN of McCoy’s energeticness, school involvement, and love of life that would have never led him to committing suicide.

“My friend is gone now and nobody wants to take the blame for it but would instead put the blame on him and lie about it, disrespecting his name cause he wouldn’t commit suicide!,” one student tweeted.

McCoy’s friends have spoken out on how the university threatened Vines and others. One student even admits she and other students attempted to get the alleged suspect to explain McCoy’s death to authorities and administration. The student also discloses they were asked to stay away from the student, or they would be denied graduating in 2019.

Although NCCU Administration has not commented on the resurfacing of students’ continuous demands to reinvestigate, McCoy’s classmates and family in S.C. are making it a point to let the public know that they believe foul-play was the cause of his death, and they desire justice.

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