Georgia State Athlete Withdraws from school after Racist social media post.


by Justin Dewitt

Georgia State freshman soccer player, Natalia Martinez, withdraws from school after she used racial slurs on a fake social media account.

Martinez’s name was immediately taken off the team’s online roster after the racial epithet was found on her secret alternative Instagram account also known as a “finsta page”.

Georgia State is known for being a very diverse university and Martinez’s latest actions have some students outraged. Some students even took action into their own hands.


Georgia State Student, India Bridgeforth, started a petition for the expulsion of the 18-year-old freshman after seeing the incident. The petition had over 500 signatures by Monday afternoon before the university announced that Martinez had officially withdrawn from the school.

“As a progressive, diverse university, we…feel like this sort of behavior should not be tolerated,” said Bridgeforth, who demanded the school give Martinez a more severe punishment.

“We felt that was kind of a slap in the face, especially considering how many students of color are here,” she said. “There’s so many students of color here why would you want to be here, if you feel that way about us?” Bridgeforth said.

Georgia State also released a statement stating they will not tolerate the language she used in her Finsta post.

Associate Athletic Director, Mike Holmes, told the Atlanta-Constitution that officials were told of the situation Friday morning just days after a similar situation at the University of Alabama where a 19-year-old student, Harley Barber, was suspended for a racial rant on her Finsta page.

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