Are Career Counseling services failing College Students ?

by Dominique Croons

Friends working together at sidewalk cafe

Education is seen as the foundation to a successful career and less stressful life. But is that really the case?

There are many reasons people attend college. Some go to experience a life away from home, some go to fulfill a family milestone, and some go to just live the party life. However, the primary reason people attend college is to achieve a degree in some area of expertise.

Throughout the years the need for college and higher education has become almost unavoidable. Millennials recognize that seemingly the easiest way to achieve a prosperous lifestyle is to enroll in a university and graduate. The goal is to access the keys to the American Dream in just four years. Easy Right?

Not so much. According to a 2016 study from CNBC News, there is a significant rate of students who have difficulty finding jobs after graduation. The study states that more than 80% of the participants received no job offers over the course of three month span where each participant applied for over twenty.


A large reason for this disconnect between graduates and the workforce could be due to the perceived lack of career counseling some students receive throughout their collegiate career. For many students they are unaware about many of the different career options that their major provides. When they graduate students might be ignorant to all possible opportunities of employment, leaving them stuck in a place of workplace purgatory.

Although it is not all bad, there is still a struggle for most to receive a career position. Why is this? Well, over thirty years ago the recruiting process for college students was dominated by three main categories: manufacturing, finance and retail.

It was an easy and tangible process for both the companies and students to go through. Recently, there have been less professional business recruiting college students due to time and students lack of experience in their field.


The importance of a degree not only helps the student in the long run, but it is also important to the growth and success of society. 70% of people believe that a college degree is valuable, but is it reasonable for millennials to pay an arm and a leg to receive a degree and not have successful results?

While college graduates do have a leg up on the percentage of the population who have not received a higher education, the level of competition between college graduates has significantly increased over the years.

It is reasonable to say that a college degree might be the foundation of a successful life, but there are also other important key aspects to receiving a position after graduation in a timely manner. The road to a job is not as easy as it used to be for college students, they now have to overcome many obstacles to secure their ideal American Dream.

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