Why we should leave the current Playoff System alone.

by Cameron Rivers

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 26 Georgia Tech at Georgia
ATHENS, GA – NOVEMBER 26: Georgia Bulldogs running back Nick Chubb (27) rushes during first half action of an NCAA football game between the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and Georgia Bulldogs on November 26, 2016, at Sanford Stadium in Athens, GA. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Icon Sportswire)

On New Years Day, millions of College Football fans watched the two National College Football Playoff Semifinal games. Many were enthralled in the suspense of the classic at the Rose Bowl between Georgia and Oklahoma, while others were surprised that the fourth seeded Alabama Crimson Tide could put up such a dominate performance against Clemson.

Blocked field goals, game shifting touchdowns, dominating defenses and even a 300 pound Wide receiver, reminded us of why we love college football. Yet, it also reminded us why we must remain with only a four team playoff.

New Years Day proved that the committee was correct. The four best teams in the country played on Monday and it provided us with an instant classic.

Naysayers of the current playoff system say some deserving teams may be left out of the playoff, but this intrigue is what makes this system work. There are 5 power conferences: The SEC, PAC 12, ACC, BIG TEN, and the Big 12, but only 4 spots in the playoffs. This means that the committee must try to determine the best four teams regardless of conference and in the short history of the playoff system they’ve been pretty accurate in their selections.


At the end of the day, Someone is going to get left out! Which in turn puts a huge emphasis on every single game. Take Ohio State for example. Despite winning the Big Ten championship by defeating an undefeated Wisconsin team, the playoff committee decided to leave the Buckeyes out of the top 4. Due to their embarrassing 55-24 loss on the road to a 7-5 Iowa squad.

If college football were to move to a 8 or 16 team format it would substantially dilute the product, anybody could get in the playoffs, and I mean anybody. Do you really want to see Clemson destroy Miami again?


Think about it, how boring are those March Madness games when a program like Duke blows out a Middle Eastern Tennessee team. Would you really want to see college basketball go from 64 teams to 100? Let’s not saturate the market. Keep it simple. The 4 team format just works for the college football.

The same reason why we love the Final Four is the same reason we love the Playoff. We do not need to expand the playoff because the college football regular season acts as a defacto expanded playoff system already. If you have not proven that you are one of the four best teams after 12 or 13 games in a season, then you don’t deserve to be in the College Football playoff anyway.

I understand that Half of the fun in sports for fans is arguing. Arguing about which player is the best, who’s going to win the Super Bowl? Should Alabama have gotten in? Did Ohio State get snubbed? Many will have Conversations and arguments that can go on for days about these topics.

However, the Four team playoff system has proven it shouldn’t be debated any longer.

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