Does Love Come with a price tag?

by Patsy Douglass


The holidays always seem to be filled with surprises and nothing comes with more shock value than a spontaneous proposal.

However, this year the joy of holy matrimony has brought along some controversy. Some are saying that proposals this holiday season are extremely high because of this specialty diamond ring from Kay Jewelers.

Kay Jewelers is advertising a diamond ring for 24.99 for a retail price of $80. Many saw the price tag of the diamond ring and instantly started giving their opinions on if the ring is valuable enough to give to someone in a proposal.

This controversial topic had people going nuts all over social media.

Some people believe that the cost of an engagement ring signifies the sacrifice a man has made for his woman. Others believe material things such as how much a ring on your finger costs should not signify the love that is between you and your partner. While people may have differing preferences on the ring issue, the ring ultimately has very little to do with the success of the marriage. Some men will spend thousands of dollars on rings for their marriage to only last for a year. yet , there are also other married couples that have paid less for their rings and have been married for over 10 plus years.


During the engagement, I believe a ring should not deter you from the love someone has for you. If the relationship is truly in a healthy place, God should be more of your covenant than a ring should ever be.

Ladies would you accept a $24.99? Guys would you propose with a $24.99 ring ? Let me know your thoughts??

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