The Best Twitter Moments from a hectic 2017.

by Raven Tyler

From popular trends and hilarious memes, to Donald Trump challenging almost everyone, Twitter became arguably the most entertaining form of social media in 2017.
So, I recaptured some of the funniest, controversial, and heartwarming moments that stole our attention on Twitter this past year.


1. We Miss You, Obama
The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, tweeted one of the most heartwarming photos of 2017 after he posted a picture of himself at an orphanage interacting with children. He captioned it saying, “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…” This tweet received more than 1.7 million retweets.

Trump tweet 1

2. Trump Vs. Athletes
Donald Trump has shown himself to be at the least controversial, and he definitely spent more than enough time on Twitter this year. Trump took to Twitter to attack some NFL athletes about their decision to kneel during the national anthem in form of peaceful protest. The athletes were protesting for equality for people of color and against police brutality. Hashtags #BLM (Black Lives Matter), #TakeAKnee, and #NFLBoycott were the most used activism hashtags.

Lebron tweet on Trump.png

Trump vs. Athletes Part Two: LeBron James backfires on Trump, stating that he is a “Bum,” because of his reaction to Steph Curry not accepting the invitation to the White House.


Durag Day.png

3. The Illustrious N.C. A&T
The best HBCU in the nation, gained impeccable attention on Twitter for “DuRag Day,” on Oct 18. DuRag Day was on a Wednesday, and began as nothing more than an idea on Twitter. The message was spread through Twitter onto other social media websites, and fortunately, many students participated. It was a trending topic on Twitter.


4. The Things We Do For Wendy’s..
One of the most popular Tweets of 2017 was the bizarre plea for free chicken nuggets from Wendy’s for a year. @carterjwm, a Twitter user, mentioned Wendy’s restaurant, asking how many retweets could he get to receive free chicken nuggets for a year; Wendy’s replied with 18 million, and @carterjwm only received just over 3 million retweets. Although he did not reach the goal of 18 million, his tweet became one of the most retweeted tweets of this year.

breezy vs soulja boy.png

5. Breezy Vs. Soulja
Everyone should remember the famous boxing match that never took place between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. Apparently, Soulja Boy claimed that Brown threatened him for leaving heart emojis under his ex-girlfriend’s, Karreuche Tran’s, picture on Instagram. The feud took a turn for the left and resulted in the two arguing back and forth through videos. Brown challenged Soulja Boy to a boxing match, which never happened.

First of All

The “First of All” tweets were a big trending hit this year! The “pettiest” comeback of all time have resulted from this trend, they speak for themselves.

Trump twitter dont work.png

7. A moment in time..
For a short moment in time, President Trump’s Twitter was deactivated for a whole 10 minutes! It shocked the nation. What a blissful 10 minutes it was, don’t you agree? Well.. most of you.


8. #StandWithKeaton, He stole your money and disappeared.
Sixth-grade student Keaton Jones, drew the attention of celebrities, such as Justin Bieber and athletes, such as LeBron James, across the nation earlier this December when his mother, Kimberly Jones, uploaded a Facebook video of her son crying over being bullied. Jones attracted a lot of attention from more than just celebrities; his mother began a account to obtain money from people, for what purpose? We do not know.


9. Queen of Twitter
Chrissy Teigen was an influential, iconic figure for the Twitter world this year. If you are looking for entertainment, laughter, advocacy for women, and food porn, Teigen’s Twitter page is the page for you. Her sarcasm, wittiness, and political announcements, captured millions of attention and retweets this year. She is never a disappointment.

issa rae.png

10. Issa Rae Bae
Issa Rae, the creator of ‘Awkward Black Girl’ and co-writer of the series, Insecure on HBO, sparked a controversy from saying that she’s “rooting for everybody Black” at the Emmy’s. When asked, who she was rooting for at the Emmy’s by a reporter, she made it clear that she was rooting for everybody who is Black and rightfully so. Unfortunately, there was controversy about her comments, but she continues to seemingly live her best life!

These are only ten of the best Twitter moments of 2017! Of course there are much more that warmed our hearts, made us laugh, and brought about controversy. Twitter has connected the world much more in 2017. What are some of your favorite Twitter moments from this year? And what are you looking forward too on Twitter in 2018?

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