5 Ways to get through Finals Unscathed

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5 ways you can prevent procrastination During Exams

by Patsy Douglass

While exams can be frustrating, it is crucial that we all try to pass them with flying colors. During exam week, you can find yourself postponing studying to scroll on facebook or wonder off into something else that is less important. Procrastination can hinder you from becoming GREAT! While there are many steps that help you maneuver through detrimental habits, here are my five steps that I personally use to prevent procrastination during the week of exams.

1. Listen to your favorite playlist: A Music playlist can motivate you to become more productive when studying the material you need to pass your exam. Your playlist should be any music that will encourage you to focus. So, make sure you find a genre of music that gives you the most energy.

2. Refrain from all social media: While social media can be an exciting way to entertain yourself, it can possibly restrain you from focusing on your material and what you have to accomplish throughout the week. A simple way of doing this is turning your social apps notifications off in your settings location and storing your apps out of sight.


3. Pay attention to your checklist: Are your writing a checklist? Is it posted on your wall? Make sure that you write down a to-do list and as soon as something is on your mind to accomplish, DO IT !! While a million things could be going on in your head, a simple checklist can keep you organized throughout the last week of the semester.

4. Pay attention to the 24 hours you have each day: You should always set major deadlines for yourself throughout the day. Each day of the week set out hours for each subject to study the material. Look through each subject and make sure that all material has been covered. Also, make sure you get plenty of rest so your mind can be prepared to stay focused and take action on what’s important.

5. Change your environment: Be aware of what energy is being poured into you. While you may be your own person, the wrong influences can still influence the mind to not make responsible decisions. Your environment should promote a focused and positive mentality. It’s also good to talk to people that understand what you want out of life. In addition, it’s important to form study groups with students that you share classes with.

Always remember that your life goals are most important than anything else. Remain strong during your week of finals and don’t let procrastination get ahold of you.

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