Sexual Assault Allegations cause controversy in the AUC


By Cameron Dinkins

An anonymous group of students decided to reveal the names of alleged predators on the grounds of the Atlanta University Center campuses (Spelman College, Morehouse College, and Clark Atlanta University), in an effort to bring awareness to the perceived mistreatment of sexual assault cases on their campuses.

All of the notes posted on the campuses were quickly taken up by school administration. These signs not only displayed alleged predators, it also displayed names of school administrators who have allegedly covered up different sexual assault incidents on these campuses.

After the notes were confiscated, students then switched to Twitter and used the hashtag #WeKnowWhatYouDid to continue the campaign. The hashtag trended on social media and had the potential to reach millions of people.


Many utilized to Twitter to voice their opinions on the incident. Some applauded the students for their bravery to speak out while others chastised them believing they should have went about it another way.

AUC students also weighed in on the situation. An anonymous Morehouse student said,

“Sexual assault/rape is intolerable and inexcusable–although Morehouse argues the contrary by their action.

The “#weknowwhatyoudid” hashtag is highly offensive and inappropriate. Not from the perspective of the accused, but from those who are victims. Seeing the name of the person who assaulted you is very triggering.

In a sense, those who are trying to advocate essentially silences those victimized by this action. Unless consent was given by the victims, this action was highly inappropriate.


I advocate for the overall message, but the ways in which we go about executing the goal needs to be changed.”

Another Morehouse student, sophomore Micah Brinkley, agreed

“ Personally , I feel like it’s a good idea but the execution of the whole situation was bad. I don’t feel like the idea was well thought out, it had great intention but the execution was bad.”

Not only has the list impacted Morehouse students but it has also affected Spelmanites. An anonymous female student from Spelman expressed how the list has changed her life on campus.

“ I know a few of the boys on the list and it’s been hard for me to see these things happening on our campuses. Knowing them and not knowing what they’ve truly done is just hard to deal with.”

This is not the first time students have accused the administration of covering up sexual assaults on campus. In the last year , these campuses only reported one rape to government as a part of the Clergy Act. A required law in which all college campuses must report acts of crime.

Both presidents from Morehouse and Spelman released statements urging students who are victims to report the incidents to campus police. They also detailed their efforts to stop these acts from happening on the campuses in the future.

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